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What's Happening

"The Hope of Christmas"

Emmanuel Baptist Church's presentation of "The Hope of Christmas" is sure to be a blessing for you and your family this Christmas season. In its 17th year of quality stage productions, Emmanuel continues to draw thousands each year to the performances. 

The story takes place in Central Park in the heart of New York City, and gives audiences a "Broadway feel" with realistic characters, both comedic and sincere. It's a story that points out that in a world filled with hopelessness; there "is" hope in Christ. 

4 performances: 

Friday, Dec.5th at 7pm 
Saturday, Dec.6th at 3 & 7pm and 
Sunday, Dec.7th at 3pm 

as always, admission is free. (an offering is taken, with all proceeds benefiting Montana Rescue Mission) "The Hope of Christmas" at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 328 S. Shiloh Rd. at Monad. Call 652-3161 for more information or on the web at "".

"Carols at the Capitol"

You are invited to the first "Carols at the Capitol" in Helena Friday, December 12, 2014. The time will be from 12:00 to 1:00 in the Rotunda.

It is open to all people to gather to sing Christmas carols or just enjoy listening to the music. Singing groups are welcome to present songs from the program to help lead those present or perhaps to sing selected songs as a special from the song booklet. Please see contact information if interested. A song book for the carols is available by email upon request to print for yourself or a group.

Sponsored by the Montana Carols at the Capitol Committee

Contact: Tara Logan at 406-422-9679  or Dianne Hoffman at 406-431-2916 


Native missionaries on the frontlines in Asia are reaching many poor people with the Gospel in the slums and squatter areas. These new believers will never have the money to buy a Bible. We know many believers who have been praying years for their own Bible. This may seem small to you, but to them it will be a great thing if you will help. Please pray, please give, please become involved and go. Call Lift Jesus Higher Ministries at 406-650-1911, or e-mail: 

Rock and Roll Religion

mixes rock, blues, folk and eclectic tunes with spirituality and social justice every Saturday afternoon at 5:00pm at the First Presbyterian Church of Billings at 13th and Poly. The public is invited to participate in an experimental, evolving, mindful and interactive worship service. A live band provides the music. It's followed by free food. For information, call 252-3434.

Church Locator is available free of charge by calling KURL Radio, (406) 245-3121