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Pastor's Golf Tournament Results

This tournament began in 1991 and has provided a day of fun and fellowship for 25 years. 

2016 Pastor's Golf results:


Ray Hicks/Chad Kavilhauge 65
Del Wade/Kerry Larson 66
Larry Bybee, jr/Nathan Schug 68
Greg Payton /Nate Bailey 69
Crull Chambless/Todd Wilson 69
Dave Oltrogge/Fred Gunville 69
Dave Thompson/Boden Lafko 71
Pat Garrison/Chuck Wood 72
Wayne Bauer/Ned Johnerson 72
John Steele/Dan Bergstrom 72
Jim Truckle/Logan Swope 74
Don Beal/Dave Welch 75
Gary Thiesen/Gary Thiesen, Jr. 76
Robb Huston/Eric Paterson 76
Thomas Morschek/Jim Kohles 81
Brian Louma/Kent Nelson 82

Heavenly Hackers

Steve Strutz/Jay Forseth 72 1st place
Lance Kouba/Scott Brownson 73 2nd place
Randy Bodley/Don Vegge 73 3rd place
Jonathan Elenbaas/Herm Elenbaas 75
Randy Radford/Larry Williams 77
Ken Adelblue/Dan Clevidence 79
Don Berger/Jim Brown 79
Jim Yeley/Lucas Harvey 79
Dwaine Roybal/Gary Fried 82
Jerry Fawcett/Jim Harpzler 87
Bill Poore/Larry Vigesasa 88
Josiah Kersten/Mark Charlton 88

Flag prize winners--

1. Fred Gunville/Crull Chambless
2. Jim Yeley/Larry Williams
3. Dwaine Roybal/Crull Chambless
4. Jim Yeley/Dave Thompson
6. Nate Bailey/Jay Forseth
7. Gary Fried/Scott Brownson
8. Jonathan Elenbaas/Bill Poore
9. Nate Bailey/Steve Strutz
10. Mark Charlton
12. Chad Kvilhaug/Jay Forseth
14. Larry Bybee, Jr./Nathan Schug
15. Chad Kvilhaug/Larry Williams
17. Del Wade/Greg Payton

Congrats to our many flag winners and thanks to our incredibly generous flag prize donors!



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