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Pastor's Golf Tournament Results

This tournament began in 1991 and has provided a day of fun and fellowship for over 20 years. The coveted, traveling trophy for the lowest score for a team that includes a pastor goes this year to Larry Williams/Bill Allen (68)

Championship Flight:

Pat Garrison/Steve Berg 63 1st place
Larry Williams/Bill Allen 68 2nd place KURL pastor's trophy winners
Wayne Bauer/Ned Johnerson 69 3rd place

Kerns/Bybee 69
Jeff Tutt/Jared Tutt 69
Jeff Taylor/Cory Neal 72
Scott Brownson/Lance Kouba 74
Todd Rowen/Scott Keikover 74
Jim McLeod/Steve Norton 71
Ken Adelblue/Dan Clevidence 79
Larry Kuck/Katherine Kuck 79


Del Wade/ John Hanchett 69 1st place
Paul Jones/Josh Schoenning 72 2nd place
Steve Strutz/Mark Erickson 72 3rd place

Gary Fried/Don Jones 75
Herm Elenbaas/Jonathan Elenbaas 77
Gary Thiesen/Gary Thiesen, jr 78
David Brochu/John Steele 78
Steve Culbertson/Robb Workman 79
Rob Huston/Greg Glueckert 80
Lynn Howe/Don Berger 84

Heavenly Hackers

Don Beal/Jim Beal 76 1st place
Ken Fried/Tim Schug 81 2nd place
Harold Rickman/Jeromy Emerling 83 3rd place
Jim Brown/Bob Marlowe 87
Josiah Kersten/Nathan Barnett 91
Judy Hugelen/Elvira Wilcox 92
Jerry Fawcett/Rick Haluszka 93
Dave Thompson/Orrin Feddes 97
Charlie Hendricks/Ron Hendricks 98

Flag prize Winners

Congrats to our many flag winners and thanks to our incredibly generous flag prize donors!

Larry Williams
Bill Allen
John Hanchett
Scott Kiekover
Ken Fried
Bob Marlowe
Jeff Tutt
Paul Jones
Steve Berg
Herm Elenbaas
Steve Strutz
Dave Thompson
Jerry Rickman
Don Jones
Scott Brownson
Gary Fried



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